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Book Review: The Art Of The Impossible by Steven Kotler

"In today’s polarizing, chaotic and uncertain world, we need more people to reach for and to accomplish the IMPOSSIBLE.

What does it take to accomplish the IMPOSSIBLE? The first step is to read this book. Peak performance expert, Steven Kotler, breaks down the neuroscience behind reaching Massive Transformational Goals and lays out the blueprint for personal improvement. Steven weaves scientific research with real-world examples of why and how humans achieve the unachievable. If you are thinking this book is meant for elite athletes, you are correct; but I recommend this book for anyone interested in learning masterclass-level performance strategies and tactics which will inject true meaning into your life. Steven explains how goal setting in a way that other self-improvement coaches overcomplicate. He explains how this multi-phased process triggers the brain to want more —starting with CURIOSITY, which leads to discovering your PASSION taking you to your ultimate destination — PURPOSE.

I agree with other reviewers of this book — reading The Art of Impossible is life-changing; however I will add, it is only a starting point of a journey or quest. Achieving Massive Transformative Goals requires the incorporation of Steven’s lessons and blueprint into one’s daily life. And that is extremely hard which requires GRIT. That is why most people fall short of accomplishing the IMPOSSIBLE. "

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